DB Consulting is an International Marketing and Communications Boutique Agency based in Kenya, Senegal and South Africa, with Partners across the Continent.

We are a team of multi-disciplined Business Professionals, drawn from various African nationalities. Our specialty is supporting African Businesses and Projects to successfully deploy within the Continent and beyond. We also initiate and support Pan African Platforms through exclusive events and inspiring themes.

DB Consulting brings over 15 years Global experience, predominantly having worked across Central, Eastern, Southern and West Africa as well as the Indian Ocean. This has equipped us with an indisputable expertise on the dynamics of doing business in Africa, primarily in Strategic Market Penetration, Events Management and lucrative Brand Building.

Being knowledgeable of the Demographic, Cultural and Seasonal undercurrents that influence various African markets additionally renders us proficient to advocate the timeliest, effective and cost saving venture strategies to apply in different zones.
Our established Government, Corporate and Media Networks position us to facilitate your business interests via the right channels.

DB Consulting upholds a Continental vision, conducting business in English, French and Swahili with operative access to Portuguese and Arab speaking countries.


DB Consulting is dedicated to fostering strong African Brands throughout the Continent that can compete successfully on International Markets. We are pledged to the Pan African economic goals of amplified intra-African trade and robust Regional Cooperation as the Continent strides towards imminent Unity.

We have earned the reputation of living up to our Motto of delivering a Difference through Excellence and Reliability. We execute every contract we undertake with a dedication to our Clients needs and expectations. We are always predisposed to go the extra mile in maximizing delivery on our promises.

Trust in us to set your footprint outstandingly in the rest of Africa even as we bring Africa to you!


DB Consulting is your Perfect African Business Partner wholly driven by our Passion for the Continent.
In all our endeavors we Think, Speak, and Do Africa. We pride ourselves with being True Advocates of the Pan Africanism Ideal.